Summary of the summary:  All must give


Shift the obligation to support LR in the commercial agricultural sector from owners (who keep on changing) to the land that they own.  Each farm needs to contribute a % of it’s value to a land fund to buy commercial farms in the free market to establish young black and brown commercial farmers who are comprehensively trained and selected based on objective criteria.  Those who own more than one farm, needs to give a % of the value of each farm. 


Each farm that contribute to the land fund, according to the negotiated %, in return receives recognition by adding an entry on the title deed (as in the case of water rights) of that specific piece of land which confirms that this land has made it’s final contribution to the solution for LR and therefore should be exempted (for at least for 99 years) from being expropriated without compensation.  Thus gives surety of ownership to farmers who seek it and voluntary give to the land fund.  


This will add value to the specific farm in the same way as water rights add value to farms.


To understand the full rational please download:

“Everyone must Give.pdf” (English) or

“Almal Moet Gee.pdf” (Afrikaans)