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About the Land Summit

The National Land Summit brought together various stakeholders to engage on possible solutions to the subject of land and agriculture.  The Summit explored existing workable solutions and models that have been implemented in different parts of the country as a starting point to learn, unlearn and innovate a harmonious narrative of National Cohesion.   

The Challenges: 

  • Every farm is a struggle for survival.  (Tunnel vision, fear) 

  • We have lost our Biblical Christ-centered Creational Purpose 

  • Welfare state and culture of entitlement, secularism, 

  • Antagonistic protests & violence, division & hate.

  • Economic meltdown 

  • Aging mentor-base, lack of knowledge transfer

  • Immigrating know-how, takes generations to replace

  • Youth unemployment, difficult access to Commercial Agriculture

  • Broken trust at all levels

  • Threat of expropriation without compensation

  • Titling will take 700 years 

  • Farmers receive an average of 10% of sale price

  • Farmers struggle to remain profitable, mitigating risks

  • Consumer demands but not paying more

  • More vertical control raise costs

  • Rapid growth in up-skill needed precision farming 

  • Closed geographical/commodity/value chain group

  • Lack of infrastructure enabling environment

  • Alarming growth of Informal settlements 15-16 Million People

    The ultimate test of any religion, ideology or worldview is the benefits it ultimately brings to the poor, the marginalized and oppressed.  If we say we are Christians, we have to take poverty seriously.

    New Perspective

    (by growing in current and on-going understanding)

    New Prerogative

    (to give and serve as primary driving factor)

    New Practices

    (by documenting current working models and working on creative models)


    Proven & successful farmers voluntarily come  together to reach out to rural and surrounding subsistence communities and the region so as to share their experiences, resources, opportunities, and leadership grace 
    Dr Alexander Chisango
    Ignoring the King and the beauty of His wisdom, counsel, righteousness and justice brought us to this crisis in SA and agriculture. But there is hope and a future, because God is who He said He is, and many farmers faithfully reflect His character and obey His word.​
    Hennie Viljoen
    A New Nation emerging of a people genuinely coming together in unity, selflessly serving one another, finding solutions together and subduing the earth as the dominion mandate stipulates. 
    Bulenani Kkohliswa
    I am awestruck at the matchless beauty that flows out of a heart surrendered to Jesus: unique creativity... confident humility... sincere love... contagious joy... selfless giving... wise council... endless good... underserved favor demonstrated in the testimonies we have heard during this summit.  There is hope for South Africa in Christ-centred solutions and social justice. 
    Jan Oosthuizen

    Solution #1 Healthy Relationships 1st

    • Relationship with God – Poverty of Intimacy
    • Relationship with Myself – Poverty of Being
    • Relationship with Family – Poverty of Trust
    • Relationship with Community – Poverty of Security
    • Relationship with Creation – Poverty of  Stewardship

    Solution #2 Laws & Policies for the People

    Laws begin in the heart first: Common Good, Dignity of All, Stewardship 

    • Equity, 
    • Impartial 
    • Non-violence
    • Non-partisan
    • Non-racist
    • Non-reactionary
    • Freedom of choice
    • Intrinsic Worth
    • Sanctity of life
    • Personal responsibility

    Solution #3 Start local & decentralise

    • Decentralize mandate to people in locality 
    • Local ‘national-father-type-leaders’ who have proven their accountability and integrity in community rise to lead process. 
    • Asset-based developmental ministry, asset mapping instead of problem census 
    • Developmental process cannot be ignored 
    • Participative functional leadership replace paternalism 
    • Farm public, private, people partnerships 
    • Form and help fund a unified social upliftment program in locality

    Solution #4 Vibrant rural economic development

    • Slow small to great growth process – faithfulness is rewarded 
    • Apprenticeships & mentoring, master-farmers knowledge transfer
    • Work4ALiving – make the unemployed more employable
    • Continual, multi-level, multi-disciplinary, holistic training initiated by farmers
    • Form cluster farms, or small cooperatives
    • Gain direct direct access to market through producing food with integrity 
    • Keep value-chain local, upskill local people

    New Nation Agricultural


    Jan Oosthuizen

    Social Entrepreneur

    Hennie Viljoen

    Amos Agrimin (Farmer)

    Berné Leuvennink

    Beulah Africa

    Jack Amour


    Tshego Motaung

    CedarLeb Africa

    Annelie Rossouw

    Rural Development

    Nokubonga Ndima

    Future Farmers

    Dave Turner

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    Denise Woods

    Media / Prayer

    Ben Alberts

    New Nation Movement

    Bulenani Mkohliswa

    New Nation Movement

    Hein Holm

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