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3rd Bridge-building Summit 24 October - Paarl

3rd Bridge-building Summit

In a country divided by racism, economic exclusion, and social intolerance, we need to construct more trusted social bridges. An essential ingredient to healthy families, unified communities, national cohesion, and sustainable businesses are reciprocal respectful relationships. Relationships, unfortunately, are also one of the first casualties when everyone is fighting for personal survival. Although crime, corruption, and unethical practise are immensely painful, it is also an equaliser. Broken trust does not only occur in cross-cultural relationships, but it also happens between neighbours, life-long partners, and even within one’s family.

The high instances of crime and farm attacks are forcing us to re-evaluate our responsibility to reach out to our neighbours, and people who are living nearby. The crime and struggling economy is forcing us out of the comfortable mono-cultures of friends-on-Facebook type connections into getting to know and engage with the people living next door. The only way to survive economic and social degradation is when people begin to take hands, earn one another’s trust, and build collective good-will – i.e. the social cohesion sought as an aim in the NDP.

Read the summery of the 3rd Bridge-building summit, and links to participating speakers, organisations and solutions here.

meet the speakers of 3rd Bridge-building Summit 24 October - Paarl

Our 3rd Summit Speakers and Contributors

Vito Rugani

Greenway Farms

Greenway Farms Ltd is run by business partners Vito Rugani and Vincent Sequeira and operates 2 500 hectares of vegetables with irrigation pivots on three separate farms.

(Follow link below to view Vito’s Keynote ppt presentation)

Nokubonga Ndima

Future Farmers

Future Farmers Foundation is a small dedicated foundation that provides platforms from which young men and women in agriculture and farming in general can become successful commercial farm managers or farmers in their own right. 

(Follow link below to view Nokubonga’s Keynote ppt presentation)

Annelize Crosby


Annelize Crosby has acted as legal adviser, policy head for land affiars and parliamentary liaison officer for AgriSA

(Follow link below to view Annelize’s Keynote ppt presentation)

Wessel & Esté Bibbey

Adama Students - Merivale

Wessel & Esté has been involved with Amos many years, and has agreed to take students into their hearts, home and farm. Practical farm and life-skills are installed through example mentorship. (Follow link below to view Wessel’s Keynote ppt presentation)

Dr Wallace Mgoqi

Land Reform

Commissioner Wallace Mgoqi is the former City Manager of the City of Cape Town, the former Chief Land Claims Commissioner on the Restitution of Land Rights.  He is a former Attorney and Advocate of the High Court of South Africa.

(Follow link below to view Dr Wallace’s Keynote pdf

Gerrit van Vuuren

PALS Witzenberg

PALS currently has 72 individual directors and shareholders, with more than 500 benefitting from employees trusts and has reached more than 450 farm workers and community members through in-house information and awareness sessions for the projects and community-based organisations.

(Follow link below to view Gerrit’s Keynote ppt presentation)

James Blignaut


Heal the Land, Heal the People. Fighting social and soil degradation. 


AJ Munian

Smart Agri Solutions

Smart Agri Solutions (SAS) provides turn-key agricultural value chain advisory services through the use of innovative yet affordable agri-tech products to address food insecurity by developing inclusive and sustainable community embedded food systems.

Tobias Basson

Namakwaland Farms

Namakwaland envisage ‘ilima’ type cooperative, agri-centered outgrower model that holistically integrates with faith-based organisations, universities and government to form a logistical, industrial, socio-developmental HUB. 

Ruben Richards

Ruben Richards Foundation

Ruben has been profiled as an Inspirational South African Leader. His professional and academic career has been local and international, multi-disciplinary and multi-faceted serving in executive and leadership positions in Government, Private Sector Business, Higher Education institutions, and the Faith Community.

Johan Mouton

Mouton Citrus

We believe in creating a workplace where our people are given opportunities to nurture their inborn talents and develop their leadership qualities. Through our work within the Mouton Foundation and other worthy environmental initiatives, we look at new ways to sustain future generations. 

Pieter Wasserfall


SIX33 is a private equity firm in South Africa. We invest in fearless entrepreneurs who have the ability to build world-class African businesses. In the process, we add value to the continent and its people.

we are strong together

1st Christ-centred National Summit (Agriculture & Mining)

People-centered approach needed to secure land, summit agrees

meet the speakers of 2019 summit

Our 1st Summit Speakers

Hennie Viljoen

Amos Agrimin

Radical Land Reform – GIVE 

Ben Alberts

New Nation Movement

Changing the various single narratives of SA into new National Cohesion Narrative

Denise Woods

Author: Reaping the Whirlwind

Our Beloved Country – The journey so far. The way we have come . . . an overview and some thoughts

Dr Alex Chisango

World Economic Congress

Social & Spiritual reconstruction of nations & the Church

Annelize Crosby

Agri SA

The heart of the law, and the law of the heart. 

Dave Turner

Farmer / Pastor

Land Value Tax 

Hannes Pretorius

Missio Dei Foundation

God in action through our Commission

Tobias Fourie

Limpopo Diary

Sustainable Development and training subsistence farmers 

Jan Oosthuizen

Harvester Reformational Church Olifantsriviervallei

The Fruitful Village 

Johan Viljoen

GF4GF Centres

Youth Development Mobilisation and Training

Mkangeli Matomela

New Nation Movement

Restoring the governance to the people. 

Kosie van Zyl


 loving the land and managing the people instead of loving the people and managing the land!” 

JB vd Berg

Bergfoods & Baruch

Training for Subsistence Farmers 

Dr Arno van Niekerk

Lecturer Freestate University

Economy of Mutuality 

Mandla Mandlendoda

DICLA Project

The quest of the black commercial farmer

Bernard Swanepoel

Former CEO Harmony Mine

Find win-win honest dialogue between Agriculture & Mining

Patrick Kuwana

Crossover Transformatior

Biblical Blueprint for the Economy 

Hein Holm

Farm for Africa

Fathering Models 

Boet Pretorius

Foundations for Farming

What is poverty? Biblical Solution and Practise 

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"many have come to the summit to seek a solution, it is our contention that if every single person will begin to see themselves as the solution, and begin to do what is right, we will see a revolution of peace and prosperity"
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